The Lenox Guesthouse
Cape Town
South Africa


Good evening dear mr. Felix.
I am so happy - you continue The Lenox. I love your Guesthouse. It has become like being HOME. So well situated and cheap for a retired person like me. I didn't dare to order flightticket before I was sure, I can stay at the Lenox. I use to a fair price. This will be my 4th time. I can't tell the date I arrive yet, but I think it will be in December and 6-8 weeks, depending if I go to Paarl and Fish Hoek to visit friends  for some days also - either first or last of my travelperiod. I have spoke with Karin, and she say - she can easily book me in.
I have to make some arrangements and order ticket - before I can tell you the exact dates.

Keep Well mr. Felix.
I look forward to come back to my beloved South Africa.
If I could afford it, I would apply for temporary residence as retired.

Best wishes and regards from Denmark.
Inge Lise